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Newton IP's Real Estate Pro system is offered in two basic packages.

For more information on specific aspects of the Real Estate Pro system please use the menu to the left, or for more information please call (509) 781-0536.

$249.99/mo. - COMPLETE PACKAGE This package includes every feature of REP program from a complete site development, hosting, email marketing, pop-up or banner creation, and any other aspect of REP. Basically, the REP complete package does everything online so a dealer does not have to, essentially acting in place of or assisting an dealership's Internet Manager.

$99.99/mo. - BASIC PACKAGE This package is built to assist an agent with an existing website. Services include the creation of banner and pop-up ads at a dealer's request as well as email marketing, including effective email tracking. This package also includes a CRM, or Customer Relationship Management program which can be used by any person in a realtor's to maintain customer records. Essentially, the basic package provides any tools of the REP program which are not directly linked to the actual website.

There is no required contracts for REP so realtors may use it on a month to month basis if they choose to. However, a contract is available to any who so desire.

Contact us for a free consultation.

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