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Newton IP's Real Estate Pro system may be the solution your looking for.

Everyone knows that having an effective, well-built, and attractive website that delivers content in a clear, consise manner will produce results. Unfourtunatly though, not everyone has the either the time, or the ability to create such an addition to their business. So what if you could have this without any hassle at all? There are plenty of 'do-it-yourself' tools available but do you really have the time or the desire to utilize such a tool.

REP, or Real Estate Pro, was developed for the real estate field as a way to effectively track each individual customer coming to a realtor's website. It tracks not page counts, or each time a page was loaded, but rather it uses a process of elimination to count each individual human using a computer to access the site. REP also provides realtors a way to catagorize and maintain customer information by providing a CRM or Customer Relationship Management program to the realtor as well. It further provides additional services by creating and executing internet marketing campaigns targeting each customer based on how their contact information was obtained.

When emailing customers the realtor provides Newton IP with information about what they would like an email campaign to include and Newton IP then builds an email accordingly. These emails are not in the typical text format but instead can be in a graphic or animation form. Allowing email recipients the ability to view pictures and click right inside the email for more information. These can even be created with user interaction right inside the email window. (Please contact Newton IP to recieve an example) Emails can even be tracked as well, informing the dealer how many were sent in total, how many were deleted, how many were opened, and even how many users proceeded to the site upon entering the email.

Additionally, REP provides any banners and pop-ups ads a realtor may request and may occasionally even set up advertising programs across the internet for a customer as well. At the end of each month, or upon request, a realtor can recieve a copy of its current website progress. How many visitors viewed what pages, how long they stayed for, what they're activity at the site was, and many other details also. All forms on a realtors site are entirely secure and include the padlock icon in the lower right hand side of the internet browser. Newton IP's REP is not a piece of software or an automated program. It is maintained by human hands. Essentially, Newton IP preforms a service online that acts as a second office for a real estate agent.

There are no set-up or activation fees

For more information on specific aspects of the Real Estate Pro system please use the menu to the left, or for more information please call (509) 781-0536.

Newton IP offers it's Real Estate Pro system in two basic packages...

$249.99/mo. - COMPLETE PACKAGE This package includes every feature of REP program from a complete site development, hosting, email marketing, pop-up or banner creation, and any other aspect of REP. Basically, the REP complete package does everything online so a dealer does not have to, essentially acting in place of or assisting an dealership's Internet Manager.

$99.99/mo. - BASIC PACKAGE This package is built to assist a dealer with an existing website. Services include the creation of banner and pop-up ads at a dealer's request as well as email marketing, including effective email tracking. This package also includes a CRM, or Customer Relationship Management program which can be used by any person in a realtor's to maintain customer records. Essentially, the basic package provides any tools of the REP program which are not directly linked to the actual website.

There is no required contracts for REP so realtors may use it on a month to month basis if they choose to. However, a contract is available to any who so desire.

Contact us for a free consultation.

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