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Your ads in the newspaper dont look plain and ordinary, you want them to look nice and appealing. So why would you want anything less when marketing via email?

As you may already know, Newton IP's Real Estate Pro system will categorize your customers into different groups, allowing you to market to each group specifically. However, the system doesn't stop there. It also gives you the tools to market to each of these groups.

When you place an ad in the newspaper, is it just a large box of text telling people about your sale this weekend? No. You try and make it look appealing so as to grab both attention and intrest. So why would you want your email advertising to be any different. Why email customers a large paragragh with random words in larger, colored text when you can send them an email that looks nice? Send them a page that identifies with your site. One made from the same design, complete with not just information, but pictures as well. Afterall, a picture is worth a thousand words and in an email you only have their attention for a short time. Why not make the best of that brief time.

By sending an well designed email, or HTML based email, you also get something else you don't get with generice text emails. The ability to track an email's success. After sending out bulk emails have you ever wondered how many were actually looked at? How many were opened and if they really even came to your website or showed any intrest at all? With an HTML based email we can tell you not just how many were opened, but how many came to the site from as a result of that email, and if they had previously left some personal information when on the site before we can also tell you that particular person returned to the site, letting you know they are still in the market for a new vehicle.

Being able to track all these aspects also lets you know where to improve in your online marketing campaigns. If out of 500 emails sent out only 10 were opened then it can logically be concluded that either the subject line is not effective or perhaps your from email address is being filtered. If after changing the address we are sending the emails from the following week, the opened email success rate is still low then the problem lies in the subject line. So the following bulk emails we send out continue to contain different wording until we start to see more being opened. Unless you can first track the progress and success rates you dont know where to start to improve. Newton IP's Internet Management System allows you to do this.

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