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Our focus is to build you an attractive site, but more importantly to get that site to produce leads and accomplish it's goals.

Having a poorly built site can hurt your business just as much as having a great site can help it. When creating a new website for customers we encompass a few key factors. These are...

  • What is the goal of the site?
  • Who is the target audience or market?
  • What message or content is trying to be conveyed and how?
  • How will it be presented?
  • How do we accomplish the goal of the site?

As these factors are being noted throughout the development process we also look at the general design carefully. Consider this for a moment. How many sites have you been to and immediatly left after looking at the first page because you were not impressed? When you think about it, the hard part has been accomplished, they have come to the site. Why lose users due to a poor look? With that in mind, we make certain all of our sites have a clean look to attract users.

The next part we consider is the flow. Is it easy to find where the user wants to go? Are key points or areas easily accessable rather than buried under page after page? An easy to use site will keep the user looking.

An attractive design coupled with easy interaction makes incorporating key factors an easy process. Once a user feels comfortable with a site they feel comfortable with the company it represents. If the site is professional they will aquire the same viewpoint of the business attached to it. That they too are professional and will handle the users needs accordingly.

Once this feeling is accomplished, conveying the content is easy. When presented in a clear understandable manner users will see everything laid before them, and with attractive details they will build the curiousity to continue browsing. Finally, they will then feel confident leaving you the information you need to contact them and take care of their needs. Thereby completing the goal of the website.

Whether you're looking to redevelop an existing website or launch an entirely new one, Newton IP has the experience and the ability to make your venture a success. We develop cutting-edge websites that are elegant, efficient, and secure.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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