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What is the prupose of your site?

To drive traffic, create leads, and increase business and revenue is essentially the goal and purpose of your website. This is done most effectivly by ensuring that a customers contact information is gathered before their departure from the site.

To successfully accomplish this goal IMS follows a process on each of it's sites. First, there are primarily three ways users will come to the site. Through search engines, advertising on other websites, or when they type in your site address after hearing it from perhaps the radio or television ads. Immediatly IMS begins working as it tracks which avenue the user came from. Just as you may ask customers on your lot how they heard about you. The difference however is that IMS doesn't have to ask. It gathers that for itself every time.

Once inside the site a user will see your frontpage. IMS uses gateway pages, or copies of the frontpage to more effectivly track users entrance activity. This way repeat users, or be-backs, that you emailed to invite back are not counted as a new user. The frontpage is the foremost area a user will see therefore we can keep it constantly updated with whatever content you feel will be most effective.

After a user progresses into the site they will probably visit the inventory. Here several components are in place to ensure that the most is being done to capture the user's contact information. Such as "Email this picture to a friend." If a someone uses this feature we will obtain not only their email address but the friend's as well. Other factors are spread throughout the site as well to be as effective as possible at gaining contact information from the visitors.

Many customer will come to the site solely for the credit application and any not coming for this purpose will also try to be guided to this area as it is the best way to capture as much information about the users as possible. Afterall, it lets you know wether or not you have a car deal. And once an approval is obtained you have a car deal! Right? Not likely.

As any internet manager can probably attest to getting their information and secure financing is only half the battle. Next comes getting them in.

A great feature of IMS is that it classifies customers coming to the site into different priority levels. Allowing you to market differently to users depending on how they came to you. Example, someone recently filling out a trade appraisal form for a quote may recieve emails about garunteed trade in values as motivation. Whereas someone who just filled out a credit application will recive emails about urgency or low intrest rates. Regardless, you are equipped with the tools to effectivly market to each individual based on their individual needs.

IMS doesn't stop there. When you email these people you don't have to send out the paragraph of text that has words such as "sale" "this weekend only" or prices in larger maybe different color text. Instead IMS allows you to send out HTML based emails. Emails that look like a page of your site. They can include pictures, links, visual aides, almost anything you would like. The best part about an HTML based email is that it also allows us to track the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. HTML emails can tell how many people threw them away without ever opening them, how many opened them and then discarded them, and how many were opened and then came to the site. Knowing this and following from week to week allows us to see what sujects or other things are working and utilize those, or to know what isn't working and we can see what needs changed. You can't do that with a newspaper or radio ad can you?

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