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Do all your users trust your site enough to provide their contact, and especially, their credit information.

Ask yourself a couple questions. Is the content and design of my site attractive to that users feel comfortable leaving their information? Are all of my forms and credit applications secure, including the secure padlock on the bottom of the browser, so there is no doubt in people's minds their information is protected?

Immediatly upon entering your site users will begin to see options available to leave contact information. From the typcial credit application to 'email this picture to a friend' buttons. Our system has several features in place allowing visitors to leave you some sort of contact information all throughout the site. For instance, most dealerships typically dont like to appraise trades over the internet. But think about this for a moment. If someone is asking for a trade appraisal online chances are they have already looked up book values online. So they aren't interested in knowing what its worth but rather what your willing to give them for it. So by filing out an appraisal form online you arent commiting yourself to a quote, rather they are providing you the information to contact them with a quote as well as all the information on the trade-in vehicle. You simply call them up, tell them you would like to give them a figure, but you would like to see it in person first. Regardless, you got their basic information. You will find various features like these all throughout your site when you utilize Newton IP's Internet Management System.

Additionally, all forms throughout the site are entirely secure, complete with the padlock icon and anything else possible to make customers feel at ease.

Once inside the site users will have the option to see anything that you would like them to see. This can be anything from to inventory and specials, to financing options and vehicle features. Even online walk-arounds. We can equip your site with any additional tools that you feel would allow your business to make additional car deals.

Another aspect of this system is that it catagorizes customers. Depending on where in the site a customer leaves their information will catagorize them into a different priority level. For instance, if a customer clicked on 'email this picture to a friend' we now have both email addresses. Since neither of the two are serious buyers yet they can be sent emails advertising price points, or great internet specials. Whereas a customer filing out a credit application could receive emails relating the urgency of buying with currently low intrest rates. Depending on where, or how, a customer leaves their contact information, and how much of it, will let you know how to more effective market online to them.

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