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Does your site catch the attention of visitors? Or is it 'just another dealership' site?

The frontpage is the most commonly viewed and active page of your website. Therefore we ensure that it will be appealing and contain everything needed to gain the intrest of visitors and motivate them to continue browsing your site. Think of how many sites you have left immediatly upon entering because right away you were un-impressed with the first page you saw. With Newton IP's IMS system you can rest assured this will not be the case with your site.

There are several things done to ensure that your site will be appealing upon entry. These range from brief multi-media presentations upon entry, Flash animations, and most importantly a high quality layout and design of your site. One which gives users the full confidence you will be able to hanlde their car buying needs.

Additionally, your frontpage is where the system begins to opperate on the site. It registers where the users are coming from, cross referencing with other input devices in place to ensure an accurate count with complete details. At this point a cookie is also set which will allow us to begin tracking where the user will travel throughout the site and how long. The cookie will remain in place so that when a user returns at a later date it will be known that they are still in the market for a vehicle.

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