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You already track each customer coming on your lot. Why not track each customer coming on your site?

As a dealership there are several things you already do.

In advertising...
You try and advertise where effective. Getting the most for your dollar. Are you doing the same on the internet? Additionally, you do your best to follow how effective that advertising is by perhaps asking how they found you. In the paper? On the radio? With Newton IP's IMS, or Internet Management System, customers coming on the site don't even need to be asked. Our system simply logs the address of where they came from. Also, any banners or advertising you have online is also set to register how many users came through it.

With customers...
You already watch each customer coming on the lot, tracking what they look at, where they go, what intrests them, and so on. You also try and guide them into a purchase. If they do in fact leave, you first get their contact information to stay in touch with them. But once again, are you doing the same on your site? Tracking everything they look at, what their intrests are? Try to guide them into a purchase? And if they must leave, are you effectively gathering their contact information?

With prospects...
You currently do your best to provide effective follow up. Capitalizing on every missed deal in an attempt to turn them around. But again. Are you doing the same to customers coming on your site? Offering them the same opporitunities to return and view your new inventory? Are your emails to them being effective and producing results?

On a scale of one to ten, how much of an asset do you consider your current site to be?

IMS provides you with all the tools. From before a customer even comes to your site to long after they are gone, and in the middle helping you to do everything you can to capitalize on each and every potential customer. Just as you do your best with every person coming on your lot. Do likewise with every customer coming on your site.

...and IMS can help

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