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What if your website could be run the same as you run your dealership? What if it could be a second dealership?

Do you know how many people came you your site last month? Last week? Yesterday? Do you if they were page views, hits, uniques users? Do you know what people do on your site? Where they go? What they see? How long they stay? Do you know when, or even if they return to your site?

By having an effective site you should know all of these things anytime you need to. By using IMS you are able to know how many people come to your site, not just how many times your frontpage has been loaded, because really, if anyone has it set as a homepage everytime they open the internet it will count as a hit. But more effective is knowing how many different people come to your site each day, what they do, where they go, and how intrested they are.

What are your websites goals?

Realistically, the goal of your website is to produce leads, to generate business. If it isn't doing that than what is the purpose of having it? When working on sites for our clients we focus on key topics...

  • What is the goal of the site?
  • Who is the target audience or market?
  • What message or content is trying to be conveyed and how?
  • How will it be presented?
  • How do we accomplish the goal of the site?

In building IMS all of these areas have been covered to provide you with the best system possible, and bottom line, your not a programmer, you probably don't have one on staff. So why not just utilize a system provided to you. One that can tell you what how many different people are coming to your site, what they're doing, then capture their information, and help you follow up effectivly on it.

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