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Customer Relationship Management.

Before effective follow-up can be applied the information must first be gathered, and after doing, so IMS will also provide you additional tools to adequately follow-up with your customers.

IMS provides you with a complete online CRM program. The CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, program allows you to record, organize, and market to new and existing leads. Through the CRM program you can input all of the customers information. You can then use it to browse, or catagorize your leads, by dates or other factors. You even have the option to send emails to customers straight from within the background of your website. For instance, you notice John Doe's name in the system you click on his name to view his phone number. If after attempting to call him you got no answer simply click on his name again and you can start typing an email to him.

The CRM is not just a tool that can be utilized by one person only, such as an internet manager or administrator. You have the ability to set up as many accounts as you would like, so that if you wanted, each member of your sales staff could all use it. You can even grant access rights, enabling and disabiling whichever features of the system you want or do not want each person using.

The CRM program also allows you to execute email marketing campaigns right from inside the system. Build an email, or call to have one built for you (another additional feature of the IMS system), then send it everyone, or select individualy who you would like it go to. Once your campaign is complete you can then receive all the results, knowing how effective it was. How many it was sent to, how many were opened, how many then came to the site as a result of the email, and if any were returning customers, who they were.

You may also access the CRM tool from any location you would use to get on the internet as the CRM is a part of your website. It is accessed just like your site, allowing you to keep in touch with customers online from anywhere, or simply track existing progress. As an administrator to the CRM you will also be able to view each salesperson's progress individualy should you choose to have all sales people use the program. The CRM will allow you to assign out leads and then track what your staff is doing with them, or you can just use an internet manager or whomever you choose handle them all. Regardless of how you choose to utilize the system, you have the ability to use it from anywhere. Or if you would prefer have it restricted to office use. Its your choice.

Contact us if you think this system is right for your business.

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