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Wouldn't it be nice if your online advertising matched your print and radio?

When advertising online your ads can be changed instantly. If you advertise just one vehicle at a certain price, and after its sold you want your online ads changed. It can be done instantly. And not just on one site either. On all of them at the same time. Another service of Newton IP's Internet Management System is that of handling all your online marketing.

When advertising on other sites they typically want you to provide them with an image or some sort of a banner or pop-up ad. Not only can we take care of building them for you and making them look great but you get something else too. Not just is the ad built for you but we supply them with coding instead of the image or banner. One that retrieves the image, pop-up, or ad from our servers instead. This way, if you decide to change your ads online we can do so immediatly, and since all the sites you advertise on are retrieving the ads from our servers it will be changed on all the sites instantly. Giving you complete control over your online marketing at times.

When you provide ads for other sites online you also generally rely on them for an accurate number of hits, since this is typically what you are paying for, each hit. But are you counting these yourself as well or relying on them for an accurate count? IMS will not only build the ads for you, but inform you as to how many times it was clicked on at each site it was placed, letting you cross reference with your bill to know if you are being billed correctly. So when sites claim to get to a particular number of hits each month you will know exactly how true or untrue those claims are.

In some cases, when providing the banner coding to an advertiser we can set it to retrieve a pop-up ad as well. So not only is your banner ad on the page but they will see a pop-up ad for you as well, forcing viewers to see your products twice.

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