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Newton IP began in 1999. It started when a single high school student was asked by a friends father if he knew how to make a website. Knowing some about computers and not much about the internet he said he could try. Two weeks later and after a whole lot a studying he started work on the site that was to sell apples over the internet. Madame Dorion Organics was a large apple supplier. So he set out to provide them a basic website that would not only give them the ability to sell apples over the internet but would also allow their merchants the ability to see the farms their produce was coming from, how everything operated, and also give new merchants the ability to contact them and establish new relationships as well.

Soon the site was complete and the high school student went back about his business. A short time later he was contacted by a vendor of the apple farm asking if he could build them a site too. Within six months he was building sites for other farms, vendors, and several other related business. Not even old enough to legally obtain a business license he had a relative aquire it for him, and while still a high school student he had began what is now Newton IP Web Design.

Within just a couple of years he was outsourcing work, managing corporate databases, and trying to turn his homework in on time. After gradutaing from high school, and taking over the legal ownership of what he had created while still a minor, Newton IP Web Design began to venture into the world of larger data management and corporate intranets. Internally linking companies within themselves and giving corporations added internal structure Newton IP gained the experience needed today to completely satisfy the needs of both large companies and small businesses whatever the project.

The goal of Newton IP now is to step away from focusing on larger companies and to instead, use its knowledge and experience to help build the smaller businessses on the market today. With a little help a high school kid built Newton IP, so with a little help, any business should likewise be able to accomplish its goals as well.

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