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Current Project:Damien Leon Real Estate

Damien Leon is a real estate agent in the Phoenix Arizona area. His site is a simple, clean, look that hopes to deliver a warm comforting feel.

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Current Project:Alonzo Miller

As a real estate agent (and former Grammy Award winner) in the Boise area, Alonzo Miller's site will be a means for new customers to locate him online. For this reason Newton IP is not only building his site to be appealing upon entrance and to gain the intrest of visitors, but it is also being designed with search engine compatibility as the primary focus. will have all approipriate META content and contain appropriate bot files for search engine location. Newton IP will also provide with all required search engine submission and registration.

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Current Project: Rebates Realty

Offering clients a buyer cash rebate of up to 1.5% of the purchase price on and new construction or existing home listed in Southwest Idaho, Rebates Realty has selected Newton IP to create its new website. The site will include a CRM, or Customer Relationship Management program along with several other unique aspects to help them create and develop new leads over the internet. The site also includes a comprehensive email marketing system to track the sucess of email marketing campaigns executed online.

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Current Project: Absolute Restoration

Specializing in new home construction and house remodeling Absolute Restoration has selected Newton IP to design its new website. The site's purpose will be to generate new leads for the company as well as demonstate a portfolio of past jobs they have completed.

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Current Project: Building Components of Idaho

Building Components of Idaho offers its clients everything from residential home design to framing. They are also a rough lumber supplier and a large part of their business is truss design and building. Newton IP is building them a site with a flash header for browsing the contents as well creating a 3D flash introduction that will display the process of house construction. Later on the site will include a client access area that builders can approve plans and see the current status of their work. The site also supports an elaborate CRM or Customer Relationship Management program to maintain and track leads and information for the sales department.

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Current Project: Real Estate Agent Cindy Woyak

Cindy Woyak is a real estate agent in Boise, ID. Newton IP is currently re-designing her website and equipping it with a Flash introduction and several other features.

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Our client list spans a variety of industries and regions. Below is a partial list of some of the companies we currently maintain:

Epco Inc.
Vally Marine
Prosser Record Bulletin
A1 Signs
Boise Kia
Grandview Herald
FutureNet LLC
Planet P Design
  Triple H Ranches
Sun Signs TC
Fournier Media
Jeff Riggs Farms
Madame Dorion Organics
Koolpro Technologies
Building Components of Idaho

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