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Come out of your shell and take your company to the next level.

Newton IP is looking to expand its client base into the Boise area. To do so we are looking to add some local examples. Desired examples would include, but are not limited to, sign companies, doctor's offices, law practices, agricultural farms, photographers, car dealerships, and so on. If you have a business in the Boise area or would like a website for some other purpose please call us at (509) 781-0536 or email us at and include a description of what you would like your website to include or accomplish.

Please understand that the free website promotion is at our discretion. We will not construct 'just anything' and espesically so if it contains questionable material. Also, the only requirements placed on the free website promotion is that the domain name and hosting fees be paid by the client. The domain does not have to be purchased with Newton IP but it is recommended as proper hosting requires the necessary DNS pointing, all of which is provided with a Newton IP domain name purchase.

Also note that the only two stipulations on the free website promotion are one, proper domain pointing, and two that the hosting be provided through Newton IP as the purpose of this promotion is to provide local examples Newton IP requires that these examples be accesible to all. Therefore hosting through Newton IP ensures this. But please keep in mind that for the cost of hosting other companies do not build the site for you as well at no cost.

All created websites will be created using original programming. Newton IP does not us 'template' sites, or websites that have limited capabilites. All Newton IP sites are custom built to best serve the needs of our clients. For any further questions or to take advantage of the Free Website Promotion please call (509) 781-0536 or email us at Offer ends as of April 31st or may extend at our discretion. Thank you.

Pay your hosting with Newton IP of $19.95 a month and get your site built for free.

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